June 29, 2018

Titanfall beta tips: Move, groove and jive

The Titanfall beta kicks off this weekend in what should be an awesome few days for diehard FPS players.

Titanfall is not your traditional linear first-person shooter: it incorporates a number of different gameplay mechanics designed specifically to keep you running, jumping and constantly moving.

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you is to STAY OFF THE GROUND, particularly when in the vicinity of an enemy Titan. Titans can walk over and squash enemy infantry without even trying, so having a good vantage point is important in pulling the battlefield back in your favour. Use the buildings, open windows and rooftops to your advantage.

The opening tutorial will teach you the basics of Titanfall’s free-running, but you won’t really know how to do it effectively until you’re in the heat of battle. What’s most important is that you’re creative with things like the double-jump.

Also, try and get as high as possible, as often as possible. Having that high vantage point is really important, and most if not all buildings have an accessible rooftop. But some are really hard to reach: map your route, and mix and match wall running, jumping and free-running to quickly work your way up a building.

Having a good vantage point is also great for getting on top of a Titan and rodeoing it.

When you kill enough grunts and earn your Titan, it’s wise to initially use it to guard important strong points, particularly in a mode like Hardpoint.

Call for it in an area perhaps occupied by enemy Titans, and allow it to cover your back while you capture the point.

You can double-jump up a wall and stick to it with your knife using the melee attack. This is really helpful in close quarters when an enemy in chasing you. You’ll hang from the wall like spider-man, capping off enemies as they come through the door or down the road.

Titans, as you’re probably well aware, are very powerful, but also quite vulnerable, particularly against enemy Titans, so use them wisely. You can go in all-guns-blazing if you have a nice combination of dodge and other moves in your skillset, but as Respawn has said in preview sessions, keep a distance and use a combination of good gun combat, melee and straight-up stomping.

Keep an eye out for pilots getting the best of you and riding you from behind. You can’t take these players out while in the Titan, so as soon as you get the warning that you’re being attacked, eject, and take out the pilot riding the back of your Titan. Also, keep an eye out for the warning, and eject quickly before they completely destroy your Titan.

When your Titan does eventually hit the wall, you’ll need to eject. When you do you’ll get an amazing view of the battlefield, and particularly of enemy Titans. If you focus on the head of an enemy Titan, you’ll swoop in, fall down on them and start riding them, giving you the chance to take them out with just enough time before the pilot realises. Use the eject wisely!

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