August 9, 2018

Sergey Babayev announced a competition for the best description of weapons for Pixel Gun 3D

The winner will get ten games on Steam account and a reward and choose the best option will be the writer Alexander Zorich.

Managing partner at DTF and Vice President of Cubic. Games Sergey Babayev, together with the editors DTF announces a competition for narrative designers.

«PixelGun 3D can rightly be considered a game that has everything. Especially the full range of weapons. More than 300 units of the greatest guns with unique gameplay: dragon from hand to mini-changer with a machine gun and crossbow, piercing the wall.

It seems to us that, despite the diversity and sometimes even whole madness, the draft lacks an equally fun and funny narrative, which will be appreciated by our vast user base (over 10 million unique players per month).

So, my colleagues and decided to do a little contest for example of several types of favorite weapons in Pixel Gun. In the selection, we will help well-known science fiction writer and our good friend, Alexander Zorich.»

Sergey Babaev
managing partner at DTF and Vice President of Cubic.Games


The seven cannons (you can see them in the screenshots below and a small video).

You need to give them an exciting description and can offer two or three options for one gun.

Sample text can be hilarious or severe, but it needs to convey to the player base emotion, expectations from the gameplay, they receive a particular mood to slaughter or just the style of this gun.

Not required to be listed in the description of the combat performance (like “20 – range, 10 – damage”): the player must catch the text itself, the characteristics in the figures he has somewhere to look.

The description should not be too long – a separate menu for him is not implied. The limit is 120 characters.

Highly recommend not to try to describe something in the introduction and one video, and still play the game, to feel its atmosphere and aesthetics (shooter available in the App Store and Google Play).

The terms, timing, and prizes

Leave your options in comments under this text. The contest will run until April 15th.

The winner will be given ten any Steam games on his choice (you can not take it all at once, and to wait for exciting titles), as well as monetary compensation (compensation for the time spent). The participants who took second and third places will receive cash compensation and for any three Steam games.

Three best participants we will determine together with science fiction writer Alexander Zorich (pseudonym of co-authors Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordeevskogo), the author of the tetralogy “body balance” and the trilogy “Tomorrow war”. He also gave a parting word to those who are going to participate in the contest.

The most fanny

1) Few people know that the light at the end of the tunnel is coming from this lamp.
2) Legend has it that if you light this lamp, you can see the dead… enemies!

1) What are the similarities between this oblique and wasabi sauce? Sharpness.
2) use of this braids can cut into the tofu, octopus, fish, branch, Sakura, that an unwary sniper.

1) What should you do if you’re flying a small red-hot sun? At least wear sunglasses.
2) vacuum Cleaners collect dust particles in the bag. This cannon gathers energy particles at your face.

1) Float like a butterfly. It is a pity that these fists don’t shoot.
2) blow, Blow, another blow, another blow – and here it is time to lubricate the mechanisms.

1) dual wield? Almost! The Macedonians do not have exoskeletons.
2) Without him as without hands. Seriously.

1) the environment makes a man. The costume makes the octopus. Octopus’s hurting.
2) If a friend was suddenly not a friend, not an enemy, and cephalopods the mollusk, then all not be good.

1) You ask, how does this rifle? I have no idea. But this guy seems more no hands.
2) Contrary to favorite belief rail rifle has nothing to do with the railroad.

1) Some say that the weapons of the Apostle Luke, I don’t know whether this is so.
2) 2) Be like Orlando bloom on Board the “Flying Dutchman” Wait, or is it the wrong movie?

Storm trooper exoskeleton
1) Why shoot yourself when you can make a mechanical hand exoskeleton?! Although run by the exoskeleton is still necessary.
2) You can pull sitting behind cover

Ghost Lantern
1) Go to the light, they said. Now I’m a shell.
2) It is not only light but also the column. However just one makes the whistling sound.

Anime Scythe
1) Well boys, mowing.
2) Great weapon – a pledge of victory in the contest cosplayers.

Charge cannon
1) Can be used as a defibrillator.
2) Oddly enough, you can charge from solar panels. Week.

Power fists
1) Now you’ll never lose in arm-wrestling.
2) Rock-Scissors-Paper always shows stone. But always wins with the stone.

Mr. Squido
1) Is it ink or black tea?
2) Monocle helps him to aim.
3) All of the victims thought it was a ventriloquist doll and wanted to examine it closer.

Supercharged rifle
1) Anything will be more relaxed with the prefix super
2) Don’t forget to clean the barrel from the electrons.

1) Cupid grew, and he needed bigger guns.
2) The world’s first bow with tracer arrows.

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