About Us

Nr6packNet .com is a website where users can find greatest video games of the last 10 years or even more. Smart structure and pleasant design make website's usage easy and fast. Big database of the chosen games makes the new game search process completely successful. Team non-stop works to make Nr6packNet .com #1 gaming website.

  • Game base Huge database of the top-rated video games of the last decade. Almost 2,000 titles worth to play in. For all games in our database, we provide maximum information: screenshots, videos, requirements, features. Almost half of the games are reviewed by professionals.
  • Design No matter, with desktop, mobile device or gaming console, Nr6packNet always looks and works the same. It easy to navigate, to read and browse.
  • Communications At Nr6packNet we provide users ability to communicate with others. Discuss games, ask questions, help other gamers.