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Guts & Glory is a 3D simulator game with a release date in early 2018 and a number of updates to keep it up-to-date for platforms like Nintendo, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, and PlayStation. The only purpose of the Guts & Glory game is to stay alive riding a bike or car while things like spinning sawblades try to kill you.
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Graphics and Sound: 3.5/5

The graphics of Guts & Glory is best described as casual. It’s not meant to provide a realistic and immersive experience but rather to help you relax and concentrate on the Guts & Glory gameplay. The greatest drawback is the jerky camera movement, although it does add to realism given the setting. The colors are juicy, like in a child’s drawing. Ironically, though, the game comes with a truly epic original soundtrack.

Controls: 5/5

Guts & Glory PC controls as simple as WSAD for vehicle rotation, combined with a boost option, an E-brake, a headlight, and a start-over button, all accessible from the keyboard. You can also press a button to start over, which might come in handy. Arrow keys are used for navigation. Guts and Glory Xbox and PlayStation Controls are about the same except they utilize the gamepad. Overall, the controls are intuitive and responsive.

Gameplay: 5/5

There’s a selection of 8 vehicles to choose from, all of which are driven by solid physics and can be influenced by factors such as slipping wheels, traction, etc. Dynamic damage is also provided for, meaning that the quality of your vehicle will degrade as you advance through the deadly race.

As the name duly suggests, Guts & Glory gameplay is largely about gore. That is, you’re expected to try to keep your characters alive as deadly traps such as wrecking balls, circular saws, and explosives try to kill them. The game also features vehicles controlled by AI, which might choose to ride aggressively or even chase your vehicle. The characters are all rag-doll models that get injured very realistically, with lots of dismemberment, blood, and guts. You can also run over some pedestrians — the effect looks very real. Finally, you can eject the driver seconds before the finish line to bring the victory even closer (and make the sight even more impressive).
What for? The Guts and Glory game is all about glory, with a hall of fame to celebrate your achievements!

Lasting Appeal: 4/5

It’s primarily the leaderboard system that makes the Guts & Glory game so addictive. You’ll probably find yourself willing to pay the very moderate Guts & Glory price, if fame is something that motivates you. Besides, it’s full of irony and amazing music, and the physics behind what’s going on is very real, so many people will find it interesting to calculate every move as they advance through the race.


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