Brawl Stars Review

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Brawl Stars is a MOBA game from a Finnish developer company Supercell, author of such popular projects as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Fight alone or in a team against other players or artificial intelligence in several game modes and at different locations. Download Brawl Stars and prove to the world that you are the best fighter.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Brawl Stars works excellent on any device and has an attractive graphic style. Bright heroes (for example, a girl in a bear hat or a skeleton mariachi) fight at interesting locations. The whole action is accompanied by explosions, flashes, and other special effects. Just look at a couple of screenshots from the game to notice how juicy it looks.

During the battles, simple dynamic music is played, and each fighter makes characteristic sounds that can be changed by buying different skin. This year, the developers added new theme music to the 10th anniversary of Supercell.

Controls 3/5

Before start playing Brawl Stars review the controls, virtual sticks are used here, and they are inconvenient. Aiming with swipes on a small smartphone screen is very difficult. To move a fighter, swipe the left side of a display in the desired direction. The joystick on the right side is responsible for attacks: pull it, take aim and release to shoot. Two other joysticks activate superpowers and gadgets.

Gameplay 5/5

Brawl Stars is a fast and skill-oriented game. Success depends on reflexes, knowledge of a map, and micro-control. The gameplay is maximally simplified. During a match, characters do not have development, perks choice, equipment purchase, points of interest, or other things that distract you from the main and only goal – to fulfill victory conditions in a selected mode.

The game has a huge number of different fighters, which differ in mechanics, rarity, and class. Each character has a health reserve and three charges of attack; each spends one charge. You have to reckon your forces and not release the whole "clip" into the void so as not to stay without weapons in the middle of a battle. Besides, it is a team game, and success (and most importantly – rating) depends on allies. That can cause serious debate. It's good that there is no chat in the game.

The main task in games of such a genre is to destroy an opponent's base, not allowing them to destroy your own. But Supercell went further and offered players several modes and events at once: from picking crystal and making robberies to full-scale battle royale.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

A huge number of game characters, modes, and the ability to play with users from all over the world make Brawl Stars really replayable for fans of this genre. The only negative point is in-game transactions. To get cooler skills, large chests, or rare characters, you have to pay real money; otherwise, you will have to save for a long time.


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