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ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN is a port of an incredibly popular arcade game of the 80s for Xbox. The classic rules remain the same, pixel ghosts also patrol the mazes, and even the legendary bug at level 256 is also here. The 40th anniversary of the game is a great occasion to play it again. Download ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN to your console and go eating dots.

Graphics and Sound 4.5/5

In this version, all the components of the classic arcade are preserved. Pixel graphics and music by Toshio Kai will give a feeling of nostalgia to all experienced players. A round yellow Pac-Man walks through neon labyrinths, and colorful ghosts follow on its heels. Of course, from a visual point of view, the PAC-MAN arcade game is not as impressive and spectacular as modern games, but its charm is in primitive graphics.

Controls 3/5

Joystick control is not the most convenient and responsive, and response time is usually lagging. Sometimes it even seems that Pac-Man himself is moving in the opposite direction, not at all where you are trying to direct him. Moreover, if he still walks back and forth well, then he barely moves up or down. Unfortunately, this often leads ghosts to trap the character.

Gameplay 5/5

Given that the game was released in the 80s, the PAC-MAN gameplay is not particularly difficult. However, it is very fascinating. You walk the main character of Pac-Mac through confusing mazes, eat dots, and try to avoid dangerous ghost encounters. If they overtake you, you will lose a life. The game ends as soon as you do not have any of three lives left. Each ghost has an individual behavior model, so you can learn them in several levels and try to outwit your enemies.

In addition to the usual points, there are several large ones in the labyrinths, the so-called energizers. If a small dot gives you 10 points, then a large one gives 50. At the first levels, if you eat one of the energizers, you will have the opportunity to eat a ghost and get extra points. To get even more points, you can eat fruits. It is not so easy to take them, as they appear only for a few seconds.

Despite all the ghosts and the chance of being eaten, the PAC-MAN Xbox One completely lacks a violent motive. That is why it is perfect for players of any age.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

At the first levels, the rules of the game sometimes change. Although in this ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN review, it is worth noting that after the 21st level, no changes occur. However, you can challenge yourself and try to score maximum points by eating all the dots, fruits and ghosts. Spend several levels to learn enemies’ behavior and logic of their movement, so it will be easier for you to run away from them.


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