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The Raft is an adventure survival simulator where all actions occur in the middle of the ocean. Players build a huge raft house to get home and risk every minute to become a victim of the sharks. You can download the Raft game for free on the official website. If you wish, you can donate a penny to the developers for the development of this project.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The graphics of the game amaze with its brightness and detalization of objects. Music, in this game it is beautiful. It's a pity that it is played rather rarely, usually, it is associated with some event, the appearance of the island, or the beginning of a storm. On ordinary working days, when you surf the sea on your vessel and collect trash, the music doesn't pamper you.

Controls 5/5

You have the choice of the difficulty level from easy, medium, and heavy. They have differences in how many resources you will come across. Also, there's a special mode where vital indicators don't play a role. In it, you can focus exclusively on building your mega raft.

Gameplay 5/5

You appear in the middle of the ocean on a small, wooden raft, completely without anything. You don't have any matches, slippers, or panties. All you have to do is not to die in the first minutes. Try to live as long as possible under the scorching, debilitating sun, and keep yourself safe either from hunger or from sharp teeth of a shark that will constantly circle your raft. The shark bites into it from time to time, and if possible, it will try to kill you.

Surviving in a limited space, you can expand your raft even to the size of an aircraft carrier. From the very beginning of the game, you have a raft of only four blocks, and in your hands, there is only a hook to capture floating debris. Pretty promising and attractive start. There are a lot of resources overboard, just have time to throw a hook. You can go swimming. However, the sea is quite strong, you can lose when sailing away from your houseboat and eventually die.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

The game looks like a good and logical development of another similar game in earlier access - Stranded Deep. The last major update brought new enemies, and today there should be an update with pets, armor, and many other features. The maximum level of complexity was also strengthened, and glut mechanics were added. The game, although simple in its image, is quite interesting, although it doesn't last long. Because you can reach the top in the game in some 5-10 minutes of gameplay. The construction and expansion of your sea possessions can be endless. There is no definite ending in the game, but there is a goal that players need to achieve.


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