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Hello Neighbor is a survival stealth game with a horror atmosphere with a release date in late 2017 (Windows and Xbox) to 2018 (an update for platforms such as Nintendo as well as Android and iOS mobile versions coming out in July). The purpose of the Hello Neighbor game is to sneak into your neighbor’s basement and find out what deadly secret he’s hiding.

Here’s out Hello Neighbor review showing all the pros and cons of this unusual game.

Graphics and Sound: 4/5

The cartoon-style graphics of the Hello Neighbor horror stealth game isn’t quite what you’d normally expect of the genre. While most games in the category tend to abuse dark locations for which you need to turn off the lights, the neighbor’s property than you need to sneak into is normally well-lit, meaning that you can see where you are going, and your enemy can see you as well. The painting-like textures are stylish but not very immersive. The game comes with an excellent original soundtrack that adds to the suspense. Besides, Hello Neighbor specs are quite lenient and unlikely to cause trouble.

Controls: 4/5

Although the Hello Neighbor game was originally designed for PC and Xbox, the Hello Neighbor iOS update, as well as the Android version, made it mobile-compatible. However, the controls are somewhat clumsy in the later mobile version. More importantly, they are somewhat counterintuitive and poorly explained in the manual. As for Hello Neighbor for PC, the controls mainly rely on your keyboard and are taking less time to get used to.

Gameplay: 5/5

You play as a child who happens to see his neighbor doing something strange and is immediately urged to find out what’s going on. This means you’ll have to sneak into the man’s house and get into his basement before you get caught.

The neighbor turns out to be paranoid, with lots of dangerous traps in the house to keep visitors away. Getting captured means losing the game. However, you can prevent the neighbor from getting you by throwing objects at him. Besides, there’s a so-called friendly mode where the enemy doesn’t set the traps but simply tries to find you, which still means losing.

Apart from getting caught, losing too much health can cause you to fail your outing. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to start anew every time you lose. What makes the Hello Neighbor gameplay especially interesting is that it uses artificial intelligence to guide the neighbor based on your previous actions. That is, you will find traps where you broke into the house last time.

Uncovering the neighbor’s secret will require a lot of crazy experimenting and thinking outside the box.

Lasting Appeal: 3/5

While there are multiple ways in which you can reach the end of the story, the culmination is always the same, which means the Hello Neighbor game is unlikely to last. The artificial intelligence that powers your enemy to prevent you from using the same approach as before does add some versatility, though, and the difficulty of Hello Neighbor gameplay makes it a challenge to complete. Generally, however, the replay value is very basic.

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