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Resident Evil 3 is a zombie horror game. It is a huge number of hours of excellent, linear action and intense catch-up with the main character Jill. The game impresses with its extremely successful combination of sound design and gloomy locations.

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The developers improved all the old locations and cutscenes but retained their recognition. What happens on the screen doesn't repeat and looks like an expensive blockbuster. There is no single gigantic location, such as a police station that needs to be bypassed several times. There is successive scenery, and their elaboration is simply amazing. Resident Evil 3 city suffers a zombie apocalypse, and it looks very realistic. In this part, the dynamics increased, and you no longer need to listen to shuffling legs or hissing mutants around the corner.

Controls 5/5

First of all, it rests on the mechanics laid down by the previous release. This means that shooting zombies is very nice, and controlling the hero is convenient. Besides, Jill, unlike Leon and Claire, can evade claws and teeth by pressing a key, and if you also do this at the right time, you can instantly counterattack. However, a cool opportunity disappeared to fight off the dead with knives and grenades, so getting out of the environment became more difficult.

Gameplay 5/5

It begins with how one of the walls of Jill Valentine's apartment in Raccoon City breaks the Nemesis - a huge, almost invulnerable mutant, the new Umbrella Corporation bio-weapon. He begins to chase the main character, Jill can only run in response to this. This is what she will do most of the game - run: first from the mutant Nemesis, then through the streets of a panicky city, then through the dirty underground tunnels, and then again from Nemesis. Throughout the game, she tries to get out of the city, but it's not so simple: the streets are blocked by barricades, the townspeople turned into the living dead, and the immortal pursuer in a black cloak chases after Jill.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

Resident Evil 3 Remake works on the same technology as the previous remake, and looks the same, and uses the same mechanics. This is a great ideological continuation of the whole series of Resident games. The new Resident Evil 3 is still a game that can hardly be recommended to those who have not played RE2.

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