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Enter The Gungeon is a crazy adrenaline-filled roguelike developed by a Dodge Roll company. The game was initially released for PC, PS 4, and Linux in 2016, and a year later, a version for Xbox One appeared. Go down to a dangerous dungeon, where literally everything has weapons. Even bullets shoot bullets from their own guns. Ready to test yourself? Then download Enter The Gungeon and hit the road!

Graphics and Sound 5/5

It is a spectacular action game with a top-down view and a 16-bit style. Dynamic music fits perfectly into what is happening. However, despite the simple pixel graphics, there are really tons of weapons here, and they are drawn in great detail. The game world itself is filled with a bunch of details – books, bottles, flashlights, teleporters, racks, tables that can be turned over and used as a shelter. The frame rate per second does not fall below an acceptable value, no matter how many objects are simultaneously on the screen.

Controls 5/5

Enter The Gungeon was designed as a console game, so controlling with a joystick on the Xbox One is the easiest and most convenient. The response speed is excellent; the character instantly responds to your commands. Besides, if desired, you can connect a second joystick and play together with a friend. The game reveals from the best side in a cooperative format.

Gameplay 5/5

Your character runs and shoots, knows how to roll and turn tables to make shelters. Among the enemies, the vast majority are bullets of various sizes, which also manage to fire bullets into you. When they die, they almost always leave behind them cartridges, which it is desirable to collect.

Picking one of four characters that differ in speed, uniform, and other indicators, you find yourself in a training mode. In your hands, you have a gun with an infinite supply of ammunition, using which you will have to break through crowds of opponents. All levels are randomly generated, rooms are not alike. It is worth noting in this Enter The Gungeon review that complexity is not balanced in this game. Some villains are extremely powerful, and you need to use the coolest weapons against them. The main thing is not to spend all the bullets before meeting with a boss.

On each floor, there are several places important for the game, one of which is a merchant's shop. For cartridges collected from defeated enemies, he sells all kinds of goods, including first-aid kits, " blanks", rare weapons and other bonuses. In his assortment, he has keys unlocking chests with various prizes.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

The game is of interest to fans of this genre: endless battles without complicated puzzles and secrets, black humor, and tons of different weapons. Those who prefer calm relaxing games are better off staying away. And although the Enter The Gungeon gameplay practically does not develop (right before the finale, only firefights await you), it is difficult to tear yourself away from it. And given that you can choose a different character and go through completely different floors, you can replay it several times.


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